The Parish of Three Saints


As part of our thanks to God for His immeasurable love and generosity in providing for our needs in abundance, we are asked in the bible to give back to Him his due in both our service and our wealth.

This parish has three buildings but one church family.  The PARISH CHURCH LIFE FUND pays for the diocesan share towards support the parish mission of the church, such as ministry, including housing, training and support network.  It also pays expenses for the administraion of the whole parish and resources for worship.  Without this shared mission there would be no priest in the parish.  We rely on the generosity of other wealthier areas to pay for our Rector.  Many people give regularly to this fund.

EACH CHURCH BUILDING then has its own HERITAGE FUND, which pays for heating, lighting, insurance and maintenance of the fabric.  These funds tend to rely more on fundraising and this year are struggling to pay the bills to keep the doors open.

There may also be occassional SPECIAL APPEALS for specific repair tasks as necessary.  At the moment St Mary's roof is urgently in need of repair before it deteriorates.

The Church of England has much wealth, but it is in liabilities, such as historic buildings, rather than realisable assets.  It is up to each village to maintain its church building.  We get no grants from the central church or government.

You can give to any of thse funds and your generosity will always be appreciated.  Regular giving is the best way to give as it enables the PCC to budget and plan the future.  Please contact the Church Office, Treasurer or Rector for a standing order form.  

Clicking the Easyfundraising button below will enable you to give to the Church Life Fund and gift aid your donation.

The Bank details for direct bank transfer to The Church Life fund or each of the Heritage Funds are as follows:

Church Life Fund: "The Parish of Three Saints", CAF Bank, 40-52-40, 00022660

St Christopher's Lympsham: CAF Bank, 40-52-40, 00016376

St Mary's East Brent: CAF Bank, 40-52-40, 00004646

St Michael's Brent Knoll: CAF Bank, 40-52-40, 00024403

You can also donate by cash or cheque to the Church Office, Church Road, East Brent.  Cheques should be payable to: "The Parish of Three Saints", "St Christopher's Church", "St Mary's Church" or "St Michael's Church".

Thank you.