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Simon's Leaving Gift
Simon & Icon

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St Michael's Christmas Fair
The St Mary’s Handbell Ringers provided a wonderful background to the opening of the Christmas Fair. The church had been decorated for the occasion by local church members and was a magnificent setting for the sale of festive goods. Refreshment was provided by local church volunteers and included some warming soup and rolls as lunch time approached. Thanks are due to Rosemary Keele for her valiant cooking efforts. Two choirs sang carols during the morning, the Brent Knoll School choir and the local All Sorts Community choir. Thank you to all who made this event a memorable occasion. The Fair raised £590 for the Church.

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Lights of Love
In medieval times the Church prayed for the souls of those who had died the previous year on All Souls Day. Our Parish holds a service that we call Lights of Love for those who wish to remember relatives and friends who have died. A candle is lit for all those who are being remembered.

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Communion for newly confirmed
Those who had recently been confirmed were given bibles at the Parish Eucharist service in St Christopher’s. They also received their first Communion.

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Passchendaele Exhibition
On Wednesday November 8th 2017 at St Michael's Church Ged Keele opened a poster exhibition on the battle of Passchendaele, which took place 100 years ago.

This was followed by a presentation about the life of the War poet Siegfried Sassoon.

Sally Wingate and John Harper then read selected poems by Sassoon.

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Harvest Festival
Our Harvest Festival service was held on October 1st at St Michael’s, Brent Knoll this year. As usual the St Michael’s flower arrangers did us proud with a stunning floral display accompanied by suitable produce from orchards and vegetable gardens. Simon Lewis presided at the service. Afterwards we were very fortunate to be able have lunch at Woodlands House. Sarah and Paul McClean allowed us to use their dining room and they and others provided a splendid spread. When we arrived we had various “ice breakers” to get us talking to each other. It was a very sociable occasion.

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All-Sorts Community Choir Conc
A concert by the All-Sorts Community Choir Concert was held on 27th July at St Mary’s Church, East Brent. The choir sang songs that ranged from straight “pop” to Negro spirituals. The audience participated, initially with simple songs, and finally with a rather complicated “round”. The choir was conducted by its director Josh Burns and Simon Lewis led singing with his guitar. It was a really lively evening, very much enjoyed by all who attended.

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Repairing St Michael’s Church
Ivy had penetrated the coping tiles on top of the wall on Church Lane, and these required removal, which was done at the Friends of St Michael’s annual clean up in February. The tiles have been replaced by large coping stones, which have been installed by a small team of volunteers. So self-help has saved the Parish nearly £300, which means we have to do less fundraising!

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Brent Knoll fete 2017
The Brent Knoll fete was held on June 10th on the Village Green. St Michael’s had three stalls at the event selling cakes, plants and Pimms. We made a hoopla for the occasion, and this proved quite a test of skill. An exhibition showing pictures of St Michael’s was set up in the Parish Hall.

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Confirmation of LPAs
Various members of our Parish Team have recently undergone training to become Lay Pastoral Assistants (LPA) and were confirmed at a service conducted at West Huntspill Church.

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Koinonia Festival
Koinonia is a Greek word that means communion, joint participation, sharing and intimacy. The idea behind the festival was to give us an opportunity achieve these goals in a setting other than our traditional churches. Christianity is not bounded by the buildings in which we worship and we would celebrate Pentecost in the open air at Woodlands House. This started well as we made our Pentecostal flames before the service, but the weather then played a hand as it started to rain…so a decision was made to move indoors…then the rain stopped! During the service we were challenged to think about meditations from St Peter, St Barnabas and St Paul. Following this there was a convivial picnic, and then activities for all, including Messy Church.

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St Michael's Spring Fair 2017
St Michael's Church holds a Spring Fair each year in May. Our plan this year was to hold the vent in the open air at Ivyclad Hall. There was to be a jazz band, stalls, refreshment, a dog show and croquet on the lawn. Sadly the weather intervened and it was decided to switch the event to the Parish Hall in the week before the event. This meant the loss of the dog show but the band played in the hall where the stalls had been put. Margaret and Mike Smith organised the event and must be thanked wholeheartedly for their hard work, especially for coping with the shift to the new venue.

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Easter Week 2017
Services during Easter week are held at a single church throughout the week so that decorations and displays can be put up at a single location. This year services have been at St Michael's in Brent Knoll.

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Mothering Sunday - March 2017
This year’s Mothering Sunday service started with Messy church for young and old, making paper tulips and a flower picture of ‘i Love you’ with patience and kindness leaves, this was also the theme of the sermon. During the service Gwen and Ron renewed their wedding vows to celebrate their Golden Wedding. After the service refreshments included a Golden wedding cake.

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