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Improving our church buildings


You will be aware the Parish’s PCC has been considering how to improve our buildings to make them fit for the 21st Century and of greater value to the whole community. This was also one of the major themes that emerged from the recent Parish Vision survey.

We do not believe it would be correct to make any significant changes until our new Priest is in place, which may not be until 2019.

However, we have concluded that we must do essential maintenance work, which mainly includes roof, masonry and rain water goods repairs. Concurrently, we believe we can do some internal work. As an example, two buildings need new heating systems and two need internal toilet and refectory facilities.

However, none of this is possible without your help!

We need at least one person representing each village to take responsibility for arranging quotations for the planned work (plans and specifications will be provided) and overseeing the work. Any technical requirements will be provided by our Architect, this role is primarily someone on the spot to deal with any issues that arise. 

If you would like to know more, or put your name forward, please contact Jim Hanmer, j.hanmer@btinternet.com or 07771547669 or speak to one of the churchwardens.


There will also be a need for fundraising, but we will know more on that once we understand potential costs and grant funding available and, of course, have someone to support locally. However, if you would like to co-ordinate fundraising in your village, please let us know.

The Parish of Three Saints